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Today I will do my best. If I have a good day, I will be proud of myself. If I have a bad day, I will not dwell on it, I will forgive myself, I will put it behind me and I will continue to move forward in my recovery

  (via acrylic) psych-facts

Sometimes I wish problems would occur again so that I have more reasons to uhm nevermind… It’s the only way.

More problems, more excuse.


"I’m the only one that cares about you"

when you hear those words, you turn tail and run as fast as you can. you run before it’s too late. These words are an abuse tactic

you are worth the world, and never, even in your darkest, believe that this one person is the only one who gives a shit. I have seen the kindness of strangers and friends alike, and you are not unloved. do not believe them. sapphicnymph

Sometimes I want to have a deep conversation with you. I wanna know your late night thoughts, what bothers you everyday, what scares you in life, what you want to become someday, and your relationship with your family.

But mostly, I wanna know what’s been hurting you for the past few days. Why you’re acting so stupid nowadays and ruining yourself. It hurts me to see you hurt.

If only I can sense everything in your mind and find a way to make you feel alright…then I would.

Please be okay. It’s breaking my heart to see you that way. :(