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“If one day I decide to leave, don’t be too surprised.”

Minsan ba naisip mo…

Natatakot ka ba na kapag nakasalubong mo yung past lover mo (kahit di naging kayo) baka bumalik lahat ng feelings mo ng isang iglap lang? Posible yung mangyari. Minahal mo naman kase yun at one point in your life. Wag kang denial.

Pero wag kang magpakasigurado, kase di lang feelings mo ang pwedeng bumalik. Baka ang bumalik e ang sakit, bitterness at galit.

Pero kung nangyari yan, at meron kang minamahal sa present time, isa lang masasabi ko sayo, di ka pa nakaka-move on. Affected ka parin e, mapa-good or bad man yan. Still, s/he affects you.

Sa totoo lang, nangyari saken to. Kaya ko nasabi (Duh san pa ba mangagaling mga pinopost ko kundi sa mga past experiences ko). Isang beses, after ilang months nakita ko siya. Birthday yun ng classmate ko. September 26, 2013. Nag cutting classes ako para makauwi sa Bulacan from Manila. Di ko ineexpect na makakapunta pala yun sa birthday celebration ng kaibigan namin. Iniiwasan ko siyang tignan, maka-usap, maka-eye contact o ma-amoy kase sa totoo lang, takot akong bumalik yung mabilis na tibok ng puso ko sakanya.

But sobrang late na akong nakauwi from Bulacan to Manila naman. Past 12mn na akong nakauwi. Di ko siya pinapansin. Pero bago umuwi, kinausap niya ako para magpaalam, niyakap at hinalikan niya ko sa pisngi. Then nung nangyari yun, natuwa ako. Di dahil sa nagkalapit kami ulit. Kundi dahil napatunayan ko sa sarili ko na wala na akong feelings sa kanya. Wala na yung ibang klaseng pagmamahal. Ang meron lang ay yung pagmamahal na pang kaibigan.

Selfie 😁

If there is one thing that people should realize, it’s acceptance of what cannot happen and what cannot be changed. This is not just about love, don’t be too narrow-minded. This pertains to all possible incidents of your everyday existence.

Yes, you may run away from all your pain, hatred, jealousy, problems, or any burden you shoulder but at the end of the day, before you go to sleep, it will hunt you down, bother you, and make you feel a lot anxious than you already are.

Yes, you can divert your attention to other things from time to time. Play outside, hang-out with friends, SLEEP, watch a tv series or have a movie marathon. But once you stop and be idle for a moment, everything would flashback right through your eyes and hurt you as if your heart was put into a tight grip.

Heal yourself… You can’t just runaway. You can’t hide forever. The truth is, there is no escape UNLESS you accept everything and HELP yourself to move on. You’ll be surprised at the next encounter, you’ll be nonchalant about it. Or should I say, relieved from the burden you carry with you from the point of when you open your eyes.

I want to be with my highschool friends right now. They make me feel a lot better.

I miss Jessica, my bestfriend who always sticks up with me and protects me from the ruins of the world; accepts me and my decisions; and treats me as if we were of the same blood. She’s the greatest of all greatest. Anyone she loves is very fortunate to have her. Her laughter makes me believe that every problem in the world would be settled in the right time and you will always be okay in the end.

Of course, I miss Danniel. The comfort he gives me is unforgettable. He’s like my real-life savior. Just one hug and I feel a lot better and when he holds my hand, I know that I’m safe. His jokes aren’t funny but I would not trade it for the world. He’s someone I’m very comfortable to be with. I can show him who I am— both the nice and the disgusting parts of me that only a few sees. And I miss it when we ride the motor together. He teaches me how to drive it properly especially how to pass through the humps…but in the end, scratches result under it.

Then, my Tid, Luis! Funny guy. There was never a day that he failed to make me laugh. He’s a very genuine guy. Everything he tells you is sincere and he may not be so smart like the other guys but I assure you, he has the brain that none has. He’s secretly a genius…but in a special way.

I also miss Chaster, my poknat. Also Reginald, Krissia, Chiqui, Jerick, Lester, Rb, Steph, Ayla, Marc, Pau, Jayson, Mikee, Marion, Kimer, hashtag: Tomasinos and Samago ++

I’m starting to hate everything. I have a feeling that regrets would ascend onto me.

Pacute shi achi sharap shapakin. 😂


Photographed by Tumblogger Della De Leos of www.delladeleos.com

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I want to go back to this beautiful place. Yes, please?

Seriously tho, girls should know this.

Seriously tho, girls should know this.